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Examples of different RAXTAR productions are shown underneath.

RAXTAR S-3 Landing Gate

The RAXTAR S-3 landing gate is a generic solution for construction hoists, transport platforms and passenger & material hoists.

The RAXTAR S-3 landing gate can be used at each landing of any construction hoist, transport platform or passenger & materials hoists. Opening to the right or to the left side, the landing gate has a variable opening and can be used with hoists of different sizes. The RAXTAR S-3 landing gate can be mounted in any type of scaffolding system and can be provided with or without side guards. Moreover, the RAXTAR S-3 landing gate can be supplied with any control system and corresponding calling button (automatic, joystick, stop-next landing, PLC).

The RAXTAR S-3 landing gate is very robust and entirely made from galvanized steel. It is extremely low maintenance and highly durable.

The RAXTAR landing gate is electrically secured. With a robust toe board, hip- and knee guard the RAXTAR S-3 landing gate optimally complies with European Norms and Regulations for constructions hoists (EN-12158) and passenger & material hoists (EN-12159).